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Event & Classes

Reiki Level 1 - 7/22/16 9-5 pm 

$175 for first class or $325 for Reiki 1&2

Reiki is a energy technique using “Universal Life Force Energy”  for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.  This energy is directed to the client, acitvating and clearing the chakras, through a series of traditional and intuitive hand positions, allowing blocks and impediments to the flow of this life force energy to be cleared and repaired.


Reiki treats the whole person: mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Beneficial effects include deep relaxation, feelings of peace, a sense of security and well-being and mental clarity.


Reiki is simple, natural and safe: a method of relaxation, healing and self-improvement.  It has been found to be effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect.


Reiki Level One Training offers a disciplined foundation for using and understanding Reiki, based on the Usui method  developed in Japan.  Students will learn about the history of Reiki, basic proficiency in Usui Reiki techniques and achieve competency in administering a complete Reiki treatment.


Level One Training includes:

  • Origin, history and purpose of Reiki

  • Practice scanning and beaming

  • Level One Attunements

  • Level One Symbols

  • Review the legal and ethical issues of Reiki

  • Demonstrat Basic Level One proficiency

  • Complete and Evaluation and receive a Certificate

Students who complete Level One will be eleigible to train at Level Two.  (Dates to be announced.)

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